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Our services aid businesses of all sizes in improving their growth, enhancing reliability, and increasing flexibility.


This solution allows our clients to fill specific job openings on a temporary basis. These professionals are typically hired on a project basis, and the duration of their employment is typically determined by the length of the project.

Permanent Hire

We offers a direct hiring solution that enables businesses to hire talents a log-term or permanent basis. We are connected to the right group of professionals your company needs to drive long-term growth.


This refers to the outsourcing of the initial phase of talent acquisition, specifically the process of identifying and attracting qualified candidates for job openings within your organization. It involves engaging our professionals at Baaraku, to handle the sourcing activities on your behalf.

Adeola Adeniji

Lead Recruiter

International staffing

This solution is for our clients looking to recruit professionals from other countries for specific job openings. At baaraku we can help organizations access new markets, expand its operations, and gain a competitive edge.


Grow your team with entry-level professionals from TechTalent.

Our team are ready and waiting to hear from you. Specify your ideal candidate, present your employment opportunities or even speak with our graduates directly.

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