Staffing and Recruiting

Staffing and Recruiting


Whether it’s for one critical hire or part of a large-scale staffing solution, Baaraku is your surefire partner


Attract & recruit perfect-fit candidates


Build beautiful, collaborative teams


Make diversity and equity the backbone of your company’s success


Increase staff retention by reducing hiring mistakes

How we work

Every Step Taken to Get You The best

  • 1We identify top talents in the industry for your unique needs and vet them through video interviews, portfolio reviews, and skills assessments. We will shortlist and present the top 3-5 candidates to you
  • 2You interview candidates and select your new hire. We conduct any client-specific background checks and onboarding requirements, bringing talent onto your team as efficiently as possible. The shortlisted candidates will be introduced to you for final vetting

We identify and recruit top talents in the industry

We work with you to fill roles in marketing, creatives, etc.

Our Talents

Categories of Talents Available at Baaraku


Attract, engage, convert and stimulate demand from your target market with the right brand experiences

  • 1Social Media Manager
  • 2Project Manager
  • 3Product Marketing Manager
  • 4Event Manager
  • 5Market Researcher
  • 6Paid Search Specialist
  • 7Data Analyst
  • 8Digital Marketing Manager
  • 9Marketing Automation Manager

Content & Writing

Use the power of communication, language, the written, spoken & visual across customer touchpoints

  • 01Content Producer
  • 02Content Stategist
  • 03Copy Editor
  • 04Proposal Writer
  • 05Instructional Designer
  • 06Proof Reader
  • 07Copywriter
  • 08Web Content Editor
  • 09Technical Writer


Think and execute outside the box, develop innovative ideas to take your business forward leveraging creative talents

  • 01Art Director
  • 02Creative Director
  • 03Creative Operations
  • 04Graphic Designer
  • 05Illustrator
  • 06Presentation Specialist
  • 07 Production Artist
  • 08Project Manager

Experience Design

Create and deliver habit-forming products and services that users love

  • 01Design Operations
  • 02Information Architect
  • 03Interaction Designer
  • 04 Product Designer
  • 05UX Designer
  • 06UI Designe
  • 07UX Architect
  • 08 UX Copywriter
  • 09 Service Designer
  • 10 UX Operations

Digital Accessibility

Build inclusive, sustainable platforms, products, & experiences that leave no one behind

  • 01Accessibility Analyst
  • 02Accessibility Designer
  • 03Accessibility Architect
  • 04Accessibility Developer
  • 05Accessibility Engineer
  • 06 Accessibility QA Tester
  • 07Accessibility Specialist


From modern web and mobile experiences, to web 3.0 developments and acculturation, bring your ideas to life. Example Roles are:

  • 01Back End Developer
  • 02DevOps Engineer
  • 03Front End Developer
  • 04Full-stack Developer
  • 05Mobile App Developer
  • 06Product Manager
  • 07Project Manager
  • 08QA Analyst
  • 09Rapid Prototype
  • 10Software Engineer
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