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How do Recruiters Find Clients for Their Recruitment Agency?

The search for new clients is always difficult in a competitive recruitment market. In order to grow and become financially sustainable, every recruitment agency must consistently seek out clients who can support them in the long run.

We have had a lot of recruiters writing to us on LinkedIn and dropping in emails on “how to get clients for a staffing agency?” or even “how do we keep finding endless clients?” and we realized why not dedicate a full-fledged detailed article for this.

Traditionally, outreach activities like posting job openings, shortlisting candidates, and conducting interviews, among other things, are just sufficient for a recruitment agency. And just focusing on this will never make you successful in getting clients in the long run.

You need some out-of-the-box recruitment marketing techniques!

How To Get Clients As A Recruiter?

You may boost your own outreach by taking a more proactive approach and streamlining your recruiting agency’s efforts by using some of the tactics discussed below.

1. Firstly, Have Your Client Persona Ready

Your primary task is to first identify your target audience. Map out the following—

  • Who are your prospective clients?
  • Where will you find this target client base? Is it primarily LinkedIn?
  • Do you have your client persona ready?
  • What are you willing to offer to your prospective clients?

Get these ready before you even plan how you’re going to reach out.

2. Find Clients Via Job Posting Websites

Job posting websites are a goldmine for finding clients for your recruitment agency. If you ignore or underutilize them, you may be missing out on something significant.

Job boards are typically nothing but job search engines. There are a lot of companies that post open roles they are hiring for on these job posting websites.

There are several niche job forums catering to various industries like Monster, Snag, and Craigslist. Carefully evaluate companies continuously posting their open job roles on these websites. It could either mean they are aggressively hiring or failing to hire for their open roles.

Keep an eye out. Reach out to them and pitch your recruiting agency. Tell them how you can help double their talent or meet their needs with the talent pipeline in your recruiting database.

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