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We have a great mix of experienced recruiting leaders with diverse industry expertise and extensive networks that catalyzes your most ambitious talent goals to fruition

Baaraku is a US registered company with an array of well-vetted professionals ready to be hired. We understand our talents and prioritizes the needs of our clients, whether is recruiting for a specific role or building an entire staffing team

Yes. Baaraku welcomes the resume/portfolios of skilled professionals

Baaraku can work with you to fill roles in Creatives, Marketing, Management and ICT. We also offer counselling on. what would be best, we are more than happy to work with you to identify the most appropriate solution for your organization. We offer the following terms of employment.

Permanent: We provide permanent recruitment services where we will pre-screen and supply suitable candidates who will become your employee (PAYE). Our fees are based upon an agreed percentage of the first year’s remuneration package.

Contract / Freelance– We provide Contract recruitment services where we will pre-screen and supply suitable candidates.

Our experience of the market tells us that ultimately the charges we make need to be competitive and offer our clients value for money. We charge 7.5% as commission per employee.

We will only invoice clients if we are SUCCESSFUL in introducing the right candidate to fill the open position. Our charges will vary depending upon the circumstances, taking into consideration the variables that each opportunity brings

You can call +1 413 648 7320 or email adeola@baaraku.com. You can also book an appointment here

We assign a Baaraku project manager who is best positioned to deliver against your needs; this person will become your point of contact throughout the whole process.

We assign project managers to each role to ensure employees deliverables are up to the client’s standard. We apply a pragmatic approach irrespective of the duration of the recruitment process. Hence, we ensure the quality process is used to deliver the highest calibre of candidates to fill your open roles be they permanent, fixed-term, contract or interim

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