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We needed Software Engineers proficient in Frontend, Backend and Mobile to join us remotely. We contacted Baaraku and they presented us with a pre-vetted list of 15 solid candidates matching our criteria in 24 hours. We immediately onboarded three super-exceptional talents and the rest they say is history.

Stéphane Bâlon

Baaraku’s professional technical recruiters constantly source and vet software engineers through coding tests and tech interviews, even if they are not immediately needed.

Access REMOTE TALENTS ON STANDBY no matter where you are in the world

Whether you are a/an:

  • Software development, IT services, e-commerce, or digital marketing business owner
  • SME or startup founder looking to scale your team without breaking the bank
  • HR manager, product manager, CTO, CEO, or anyone responsible for talent acquisition 
Access Remote Talents

Hiring the right talent for your company can be challenging

It’s a task that demands patience, expertise, and thorough examination

Thousands of candidates send in their CVs and resumes…

Swearing they are the real deal.

And it looks super promising

But here’s the problem…

Just when you’re happy you have enough potential employees to assess.

And you’re close to getting the perfect talent for the vacant role

You hop on tons of interview calls to discover:

Over 60% are newbie developers hoping the universe hands them a job they don’t deserve
More than 90% are not half as good as their resumes. Oops!
The interviews were a complete waste of time and you were better off sleeping or walking your dog

Or worse

You want to replace a talent…

But you feel stuck

Because recruiting agencies cost an arm and a leg…

Time is not on your side…

And you need to fill the role immediately.

But you’re skeptical about everything.

Because you’ve been scammed in the past.

After paying an agency a large sum of money to handle your hiring process.

You sadly discovered the talents they brought in were under-qualified.

And didn’t know jack about handling your project.

A complete waste of your time and money!

So you had to lay them off…

And search for quality replacements.

Which means you’re back to where you started.

You lost a truckload of money.

And lost traction on the project you needed to execute.

Now deadlines are breathing down your neck

And you don’t know what to do.

What a bad place to be!


What if you could access hundreds of pre-vetted and battle-tested talents on standby?

So you don’t have to go through the hassle of pointless interviews anymore.

And get quality software talents from anywhere in the world

To deliver exceptional software projects for you and your clients/customers

Without breaking the bank…

Or risking a dime of your hard-earned money.

All in 48 HOURS!

Baaraku will do the boring work of hiring while you focus on your core business!

Our team of technical recruiters and tech lead constantly source and vet software developers and DevOps engineers through coding tests and tech interviews, even if they are not immediately needed.

You ask and we deliver within 48 hours!


“We reached out to Baaraku when we needed remote back-end and data engineers to help us launch new features and make improvements to our e-commerce platforms. They delivered the engineers in about 36 hours and they synced well with our in-house team. We didn’t even have to break the bank to get amazing quality in record time.”

– Kamal Hakimzadeh
SustainLab (Sweden)

Skip the hassle of hopping on countless tiring and needless interviews today!

3X Hiring Speed

Pre-vetted software and DevOps engineers are available to join your team within 48 HOURS of making your request

100% Risk-Free

You stand no chance of losing money because we only get paid AFTER you get the talent(s) you want.

4 Months Guarantee

Talents who leave your team within the first 4 months will be replaced at no extra cost on your part

Baaraku charges ZERO upfront fees!

Ready to onboard your next quality global talent in under 48 Hours?