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8 Ways for Recruitment Agencies to Find Clients

In an ideal world, all recruitment agencies want to attract clients to themselves and increase clients coming to them with their recruitment requirements. However, with 20,000+ recruitment agencies available, only in the U.S, operating 39000+ offices. It’s safe to say the space is crowded. 

Needless to say, this creates a need for agencies to strategize their approach plan, improve outreach and streamline the process. 

Read on for tips on how recruitment agencies can find clients, to keep the business running.

1. Use Job Portals To Know Who Is Hiring

All companies, irrespective of the industry, use job boards for the job posting. Usually, companies find job portals very effective to recruit, however, this may not work out best if it’s a time-critical position. 

This is where recruitment agencies can step in, and get in touch with these companies to discuss how recruitment agencies’ hiring services can help them fill positions with qualified candidates.

Proactively crawling job portals help assess prospective clients and their recruitment needs.

Use recruitment CRM to manage leads for staffing companies and future relationships that you would build with clients.

Using job boards could be the easiest way for recruitment agencies to prospect for new clients.

2. Connect On Social Media

Social Media has created a virtual world of communication for all spheres, hence, it’s no surprise that it has also made inroads for recruitment-related activities. Almost every potential client and applicant can be found on social media. 

Did you know nearly 49% of professionals follow companies to stay aware of their jobs? 

In fact, networks like LinkedIn, Quora, and Facebook are used extensively for running employee branding campaigns. Similarly, these platforms can be used for putting the word out there for your recruitment agency. 

Another good way to leverage this would be to join professional communities such as pages and groups to network with potential clients.

3. Ask For Referrals To Existing Clients

Like any other business-to-business company, recruitment agencies have to spend time cultivating connections and maintaining professional relationships. 

Here, identifying decision-makers and end beneficiaries helps understand how much effort to put in with each stakeholder. For instance, hiring managers will revert back to the agencies which helped them during the time of recruitment. Later, you can seek a referral with this manager and look for some new leads. Or even ask this connection for prospecting if anyone in his or her network is looking for recruitment services.

While some clients are proactive in spreading the word about your staffing company, some may require a nudge. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for referrals either through regular communications or emails.

4. Many Recruitment Agencies Find Clients Through Cold Calling

Cold calling is the oldest trick in the book, for prospecting clients in both B2B and B2C settings. However, it can prove to be expensive with little returns if not done correctly. 

In recruitment, cold calling has proved to be very successful. A Twitter survey suggests, 50% of the agencies rely on cold calling for prospecting clients. 

It is important, however, to put in some work before adopting this method. 

First and foremost, identify the persona of your potential customer. Then create the target groups, and map their needs with the services you are offering. 

Secondly, book the right time slots and places for conducting the discussion. 

Thirdly, instead of making a generic pitch, make it specific by pitching for current open positions. This shows you mean business and a positive response is more likely. 

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